Enhance Your Payroll Process With Our Accounting Program

The Payroll and Check Writer data remains separate until you are ready to post into the client accounting software. Both programs are included with the Trial Version of HCA for your review.

All windows versions supported

Check Writer

  • Write Regular Vendor Checks
  • After the Fact Payroll Checks
  • 1099 Checks
  • Record Deposit Transactions
  • Track the Check Register Balances
  • Can Handle Up to Four Bank Accounts
  • Complete MICR Encoding
A computer screen with the numbers and text displayed.

Payroll Program

  • Calculate and print live payroll checks.
  • MICR encoding allows you to have one set of checks for all your clients or use pre-printed checks (check on top 2 stubs below).
  • Screenshot below shows all the payroll items supported.
  • Auto accrues payroll tax expenses and liabilities.
A picture of the payroll calculator screen.
A screen shot of the cash account settings.